Integrated Fisheries Information System for the Mediterranean and Black Sea

Summary of the project

Name of the project: “Hosting, maintenance and further development of the RDBFIS”
Funding: CINEA/EMFAF/2021/3.1.2/03/SC04/SI2.881222 under FWC EASME/2020/OP/0021
Purpose of the specific contract
The main aim of the study is to work on the hosting, maintenance, fine-tuning and/or further development of the end product of regional grant MARE/2020/08, the Med&BS RDBFIS. In addition, it aims to provide support to the users of the RDBFIS.
In order to fulfill this aim, the following objectives have been defined:
(i) To provide a temporary solution for hosting of the RDBFIS.
(ii) To ensure maintenance of the RDBFIS.
(iii) To work on fine-tuning and further development of the RDBFIS, based on the experience gained so far and exchanges with end users, namely the Med&BS MS and main end users of the region.
(iv) To provide support and training, if needed, to the users of the RDBFIS.
The subject of this specific contract includes technical work on hosting, maintenance, fine-tuning and/or further development of the RDBFIS. In addition, it shall include support to the users of the RDBFIS. The latter should include preparation, coordination and organization of technical trainings and information sessions, as well as online support on a frequency basis to be commonly agreed with the contracting authority. This specific contract will provide services in the Mediterranean and Black Seas covered by section “Geographical scope” of the Tender Specifications to the FWC.
24 months (01/04/2023 – 31/03/2024)
Stefanos Kavadas, Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)

RDBFIS main features and advantages

webbased FIS

Web based fisheries information system;

Centralize Regional Data Base for DCF data;

A power full tool for Med&BS RCG, Med&BS MS, end users;

A security subsystem ensures data access and protection;
Support common quality data checks, processing, reporting;
Surveys are included;
Spatial information has been integrated