Project structure

Task 0 – project management and coordination

Sub-Task 0.1 – Project management

Sub-Task 0.2 – Meetings with CINEA/DG MARE

Sub-Task 0.3 – Reporting activities

TASK 1: Provision of a temporary solution to host the RDBFIS

Activity 1.1 –Populate the system with data

Activity 1.2 – Security standards 

Activity 1.3 – Ensure the performance of the system

Activity 1.4 – Ensure the policy on back-ups

Activity 1.5 – Log repository on updating/amending data sets

Activity 1.6 –RDBFIS security system and data access policy


TASK 2: Maintenance the RDBFIS

TASK 3: Fine-tuning and further development the RDBFIS

Activity 3.1 – Fine-tuning

Activity 3.2.1 – consistency of data quality checks

Activity 3.2.2 – Communication with Qualitrain

Activity 3.2.3 – MEDITS survey data

Activity 3.2.4 – Integration of MEDIAS survey

Activity 3.2.5 – Data entry forms and data elaboration routines

Activity 3.2.6 – Fleet analysis

Activity 3.2.7 – FDI spatial checks

Activity 3.2.8 – ‘fprmcda’ R package improvement

Activity 3.2.9 – Work Plan and Annual Reports

Activity 3.2.10 – fleet socio-economic integration


TASK 4: Provision of support to the users of the RDBFIS

TASK 5: Advise on way forward, in terms of improving the RDBFIS

TASK 6: Participation in meetings, where the RDBFIS needs to be disseminated

TASK 7: Prepare a hand over file to facilitate the transition of the updated RDBFIS to DG MARE and the final host, in case such a
solution is found by the end of this contract.